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Jason Odom
Posts: 96

We just purchased the Dodge Promaster over all other choices because it is 5" WIDER inside than the Sprinter or Ford Transit, $5,000 to $12,000 less upfront, has a lower floor than either because it's front wheel drive, has as good a clearance as any within an inch, has BUILT in studs in on the roof so you can attach a roof rack or awning or other object WITHOUT drilling though the roof, fits within a normal parking spot as long as you don't purchase the extended body version, and provides stand up height for our aging bodies and a shower. As for stealth there will NEVER be a better stealth vehicle in our lifetime than the ORIGINAL van disclosed in the ORIGINAL book on Vanaboding (Travel Forever on $20 a day) - the Chevy Express, and discussed in detail in "The Van" Chapter. Still if you keep it relatively plain on the outside and follow the tenants of VANABODE you will be as stealthy as any other NEW van.

MEANTIME I will release and update and put out the FOURTH edition of Vanabode in 2018 covering this purchase and choice in detail AND pictures and conversion information. We have a HUGE open floor in the new VANABODE. As for reliability I cannot imagine a more reliable vehicle than the original Vanabode built on the Chevy express 2500 platform. We did NOTHING to that original van for 11 years and 170,000 miles but tires/belts/oil change/fluids/and a few front end parts. We replaced almost nothing: NO brakes, NO shocks, NO ac charge, NO starter, NO alternator, or any other mechanical problem ever. The best vehicle I will probably ever own.

So WHY did we trade Up? The primary reason was now that we are older we wanted a vehicle that we could stand up in. Secondary reason is even though it is much larger than the original Vanabode it gets much better fuel mileage due to the 6 cylinder engine mated to a 6 speed transmission.


Junior Member
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Hello Jason,

Thank you for writing this post (and for writing your fabulous book, which Ijust learned about and purchased yesterday morning, and got the Audible version also).

I've been gradually gathering bug-in/car camping/rving supplies, am ready to buy an affordable van and really like the idea of standing up inside my van, so I'm going to search for a Dodge ProMaster. I loved driving my Dodge Ram 1500 for almost 15 years, so I am glad that you recommend the Dodge ProMaster.

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