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Jason Odom
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I have been looking hard for a gently used Chevy Express Van. Most seem to be in the ballpark of $7-10,000 for the mileage and model years I'm looking for. My question to you is how feasible would renting an Enterprise Cargo Van be? I can do the smaller one for $642 a month, which includes 4500 miles total for both months. Extra miles are 29 cents. I can do a larger cargo van for $1600 a month, which includes 4500 miles total for both months. Extra miles are 99 cents. I'm concerned about getting hassled because of the Enterprise logo on the side of the van... On a plus side, when I'm not in the middle of nowhere, I could probably blend in by parking overnight at an Enterprise rental location without throwing up red flags. I know I'm not supposed to take a rental onto gravel or dirt roads. Any other issues?

MY ANSWER BACK TO HIM: I like the idea of renting the smaller one on that budget. The bigger one is TOO expensive. Whether there will be FREE camping issues or not depends on where you are going. Many parts of the country it is legal to camp so no stealth needed and you won't have problems in cities if you stay in Walmart parking lots or the kinds of places described in Vanabode. Go where it is cool since you wont be able to install a roof vent. Pay attention to any extra insurance issues for rentals.

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