carole steinberg
Hi, new to forum. I have been living in a converted 144 wb white sprinter van for 2 1/2 years. It's not as stealthy as the van in the book as i have windows on the side, but i have been able to park most places without being bothered. I really wanted to be able to stand up. Before this van i had a ford transit connect. I loved that van but i only part timed in it.
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Jason Odom here, my wife and I are considering moving up to a high top long wheel base Sprinter and converting it Vanabode style next year. The Chevy has been an incredible platform as we are still running on original brakes, shocks, etc, and it's never been tuned up or even had the AC charged, now 10 years old and nearly 180,000 miles. Unreal performance as we have gone offroad a LOT!
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carole steinberg
I did have to beef up the tires due to my shenanigans in the arizona washes lol
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